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Guru Dynamic Fit System

See what the GURU can do for you!

The Guru fitting system lets cyclists of all levels enjoy the ideal riding position and that means a truly custom fit and more comfort, fun and performance.

It's the ideal way to solve any discomfort and soreness, too. That's why we're so exciting about our Guru fitting service and want to tell you a little more about it.

Once we fit you, you know your ideal body position and this lets you accurately find bicycles that fit perfectly and be fully confident in your purchase. Not in the market for a new bike? No problem, a Guru fitting also gives you the optimum riding position for use on your current bicycle so you can dial it in.

How our Guru fits work

The Guru fitting experience begins with a few simple questions, such as: What kind of bike are you looking for? How often do you plan on riding? What is your intended use – casual fitness, long distance rides, racing?

We then take a set of standard body measurements to begin your personalized fit. We use the laser-guided Guru fit tool, which accurately transposes your bike position coordinates to the Guru fit cycle. And your optimal position can be precisely set on your new or existing bike. During the fitting, you also discover what size handlebars, crankarms, stem and even seat is right for you.

We can compare your power output in different riding positions!Finding your perfect bike

The Guru fit is computer automated and it also takes place in real time on a Guru fitting cycle (photo) that adapts to different positions at the push of a button and while you're riding it! The software captures recommended riding positions and the fit cycle can change to those settings so that it's easy to compare and determine which is best for you.

The Guru fit cycle even has an integrated power unit (watt meter) that allows testing power output in each possible riding position to find your most efficient position.

When done, you'll have the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency – allowing you to ride longer and faster and injury-free, too. Based on that perfect riding position, we'll then recommend the bicycles that are right for you and you'll be on your way to a perfect ride.

GURU dynamic fit services are available at our Port Coquitlam & Burnaby stores


Other Fit Services

All our stores have on staff numerous certified fit professionals who can offer various services to help you get the most from your riding, from a basic "Sizing" for making sure you have the right sized bike, to full fittings including interiew, flexibility review and biometric measurements. 

Please check with your local store for pricing and to schedule an appointment.