Westwood Cycling Club

Our 2017 Club ride season has now concluded.  Thank you for everyone who joined us this season.  


2018 Rides will Start in March 2017 

Testimonials from Past Cycling Club Seasons
"I have to say thank you to Chelsea Hobbis.  Your amazing dedication to every one of our team riders in beyond words.  You trained me, laughed with me, supported me.  I am a better rider because of you...  My rides with you have been life changing.  Your hard work and dedication is absolutely beyond incredible..."

"No matter  your skill, no matter your speed, there is always a place for you somewhere in the group.  No one is here to judge, no one cares what you are riding, we are just there to have fun and get outside"

"...Great to be part of a wonderful family run club that makes everyone welcome no matter what their riding skills are.  All I can say is they are doing a great job supporting the community"
Westwood Cycling Club Supporters

Club Members recieve a 10% discount off Memberships at 360 Cycle!  

They will help you train indoors so your ready to ride outdoors!