Our 80+ Year History


Our History 

 In 1932 Cap & Bert Hobbis started out in the original location in Coquitlam, taking apart bicycles to see what made them tick. Gradually they mastered the art of building wheels, welding frames and all areas of bicycle repair. Around this time Cap made it his life's ambition to own and operate his own bike store. He told his mother "Before I am 25 years old I will have a store of my own with my name in huge letters across the door"

On November 10th 1940 he moved his shop from the garage at the family home in Coquitlam to a store in New Westminster.  In 1941 a store was added in Port Coquitlam. From then until 2002 Cap’s grew to a 15 store chain in the lower mainland and continued to be owned & operated by the Hobbis family. Upon the death of the founder the family decided to split up the business and individual family members operated their own stores. As a result 5 seperately owned & operated businesses were created, one being Cap's Westwood Cycle. Westwood Cycle currently has 4 stores in Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Burnaby & Port Moody.  We at Cap's Westwood Cycle are committed to the the values that founded the company all those years ago: exceptional service, superior selection from the worlds best brands, and a devotion to help our community through charity and work with local governments & organizations to improve the quality of life for all our community.






The original 'store' in Coquitlam





Our current owner Glen with his dad Cap (love the hair!)




 The man who started it all "Cap" Hobbis